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What isn't SMPGUIDE capable of replacing? That's the ultimate question. Explore the market's most extensive array of features, all integrated into a single, all-inclusive platform for your business.


Unlock the potential of your Small or Medium-sized Professional Service Provider (SMP) business with our advanced CRM system's Capture Lead feature. Seamlessly capture and manage leads from various channels, including website inquiries, social media interactions, and networking events.

With customizable lead qualification criteria and automated lead routing, you can prioritize and assign leads to the right team members promptly. Personalize your engagement with prospects using targeted messaging and automated drip campaigns, tailored to their interests. Gain valuable insights into your lead generation efforts with real-time tracking and comprehensive analytics.

Say hello to streamlined lead management and accelerate your SMP business's growth trajectory with our CRM system's Capture Lead feature.


Empower your Small or Medium-sized Professional Service Provider (SMP) business to cultivate lasting relationships with our CRM system's Nurture feature. Seamlessly engage with leads and clients throughout their journey, from initial interest to loyal advocacy.

Our platform enables you to create personalized nurture campaigns tailored to each prospect's needs and preferences. Leverage automated drip sequences, targeted content, and follow-up reminders to stay top-of-mind and provide valuable insights at every touchpoint. With real-time tracking and analytics, you can measure campaign effectiveness and adjust strategies for maximum impact.

Elevate your SMP business's nurturing efforts and foster long-term connections that drive growth and success with our CRM system's Nurture feature.


Close deals faster and more efficiently with our CRM system's Close feature, tailored for Small and Medium-sized Professional Service Providers (SMPs). Our platform equips you with the tools you need to streamline the closing process and convert leads into loyal clients.

From automated follow-ups to customizable proposal templates, we help you stay organized and focused on sealing the deal. With real-time collaboration features, you can coordinate efforts across your team and ensure no opportunity slips through the cracks. Plus, with integrated e-signature capabilities, you can expedite contract approvals and finalize agreements with ease.

Say goodbye to manual paperwork and hello to accelerated sales cycles with our CRM system's Close feature, designed to propel your SMP business forward.

Tailored features of Our SMPGuide

The Ultimate Platform for SMP Artists: Everything You Need in One Place


Lead Capture Forms

Design and deploy customizable lead capture forms on your website or landing pages to capture visitor information efficiently.


Lead Scoring

Implement lead scoring models to prioritize leads based on their level of engagement, behavior, and fit with your ideal customer profile.


Real-time Lead Tracking

Monitor lead activity and engagement in real-time to gauge interest levels and identify opportunities for timely follow-up.


Multi-channel Integration

Seamlessly integrate lead data from various channels, including website inquiries, social media interactions, email campaigns, and offline events, into a centralized database.


Automated Lead Routing

Set up rules-based lead routing to ensure that incoming leads are promptly assigned to the appropriate sales or marketing team members for follow-up.


Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Create personalized lead nurturing campaigns with automated drip sequences, targeted content, and follow-up communications to keep leads engaged and move them through the sales funnel.


Integration with CRM Systems

Seamlessly integrate with your existing CRM system to ensure a smooth flow of lead data and streamline lead-to-opportunity conversion processes.


Mobile Accessibility

Access lead data and manage activities on the go with mobile-friendly interfaces, enabling your team to stay productive and responsive from anywhere.


Lead Management Workflow

Define and automate lead management workflows to standardize processes, improve efficiency, and ensure consistency across your organization.

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What is SMPGuide CRM?

SMPGuide CRM is a customer relationship management system created specifically for Scalp Micropigmentation professionals to manage client interactions, appointments, and marketing efforts efficiently.

How can SMPGuide CRM help my SMP business?

SMPGuide CRM helps streamline your client management, appointment scheduling, marketing campaigns, and follow-ups, allowing you to focus more on your art and less on administrative tasks.

Can I integrate SMPGuide CRM with my existing tools?

Yes, SMPGuide CRM integrates with various platforms including social media channels, email services, and payment gateways to provide a seamless operational flow.

Is there training available for how to use SMPGuide CRM?

Yes, we provide comprehensive online tutorials and live webinars to help you get the most out of SMPGuide CRM, ensuring you are comfortable with all its features and functionalities.


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